PCA&D Learning Commons supports critical, creative, compassionate seekers and producers of knowledge and art. The Learning Commons offers a space to meet, discuss, and collaborate and offers physical and digital resources and services that foster active, ethical, and socially-engaged thinking and learning to encourage members of the PCA&D Community to be skilled, capable, conscientious citizens of the world. The Learning Commons is located within the Center for Teaching & Learning, along with the Writing Center and the Center for Career Services. These centers are designed to aid and advance the efforts of both students and faculty and provide continuity in learning support across programs and academic years.


Imparting to PCA&D community a dedication to lifelong learning, conscious and continuous self-improvement, innovative thinking and making, and caring for the world and people around us.


  • Promote diverse, equitable, and inclusive perspectives, experiences, visions, and voices
  • Support teaching & learning with resources, techniques, tools, and training on any number of topics and content areas: from flipped classroom pedagogy to note-taking and time management to information literacy
  • Create meaningful work-study opportunities for student workers that benefit themselves and the College as a whole (writing center and subject tutors must be willing to be accountable for their learning to themselves and to their peers)
  • Connect Learning Commons endeavors with the efforts of other offices and departments to reinforce visibility and accessibility of programming and services
  • Make space for student learning outside of the classroom, individually and cooperatively
  • Access to specialized equipment and resources
  • Cultivate a sense of community and belonging