LiveX Equipment List


Required Equipment

These products are linked to show you exact examples. Purchase the items at the store of your choice.

PCAD Live Experience Design & Production

Tool Carrier

Must be black, not leather. You will need to be able to carry 4 to 8 tools on you, without putting them in your pockets. There are several options, here are a few ideas:


  • Black pants with belt loops
    Recommended brands are 511 Tactical, Carhart, Duluth, and Tru-Spec.
  • Black tee shirt
    No logos.
  • Black long sleeve
    No logos.
  • Safety shoes
    Can be sneaker style.


  • Multimeter
    Fluke or similar. Do not get until senior year. 
  • Small Pelican Case
    Carry on size that has wheels. Do not get until senior year. 
  • Radio Harness
    Try options before buying.
  • Soldering Iron and Solder
  • Wirestripper
  • Gloves
    Must be fitted like black diamond climbing gloves.
  • Apple Airtags
  • Rain Pants and Jacket
    Used for outdoor festival work.
  • Waterproof Sneakers
    Used for outdoor festival work.