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Turning a creative passion into a lifelong career is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences available to young artists.

Will my student find employment in their chosen field?

With a BFA degree from an art and design college, your student will have the skills to adapt to an ever-changing world. Many of the career pathways your student can pursue haven’t even been imagined yet. But with skills such as the ability to take and implement critique to fuel their growth, flexibility in the face of constant change, and creative problem-solving, your student will have some of the most highly sought-after tools in their toolbox.

Your student will share their final thesis project with the community and potential employers at the annual Senior Show. (See examples from the Class of 2023, Class of 2022, Class of 2021, and Class of 2020.) After graduation, every student’s creative path is unique. Your student’s focus on career-oriented projects during their time at PCA&D will prepare them to meet the demands of a diverse and rapidly expanding job market. This versatility will be their calling card as they confidently find their way. 

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Where do PCA&D graduates work and what do they do?

Listed below are the positions and titles held by PCA&D Alumni. You can also read more of their stories here.

Graphic Designer at Apple 

Replacement Animation Tester at Laika, LLC 

Graphic Designer at Chartwells Higher Education 

Freelance Illustrator for Dungeons and Dragons/Magic the Gathering 

Business Owner Art for Everyone 

Team Photographer for the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Mercury 

Co-owner of Decades Restaurant and Game Destination 

Instructional Course Designer for Geneia 

Storyboard Artist at Nickelodeon Animation

Game Artist at Rovio Studios in Helsinki 

Visual Development Artist for Titmouse Studio 

Business Owner/Designer Avery Creative Company 

3D Footwear Designer at Nike Creative and Brand Lead 

Business Owner/Designer Go Rabbit Design Studio 

Photographer in NYC 

Co-owner of Zoetropolis Restaurant and Local Cinema 

User Experience Designer at Analytical Graphics 

Senior Graphic Designer at CloudOne 

Experience Design Manager for LEGO

Public Art Installation Artist 

Graphic Designer for Citadel Federal Credit 

Publishing Company Graphic Designer 

Creative Director at LaunchDM 

Comic and Graphic Novel Artist 

Interactive Designer and User Interface Designer for Automatik 

Photographer for Saks Fifth Avenue

Manufacturer Animator at Netflix 

Developer at Kinectiv 

Toy Designer at DC Comics 

Art Director at Lehigh Valley Style Magazine

Visual Development Artist for Netflix Animation 

Photo Editor for Shades of Light

Graphic Designer at globalHMA 

Senior Graphic Designer & Web Designer for Ethosource Office Furniture 

President/CEO L&H Companies 

Professor of Game Design Harrisburg University 

Owners of Curio Art Supply Store 

Product Manager for Patton Picture 

Design Manager at Ceros 

Vice President at SAAArchitects

Web and Marketing Specialist for URL Insurance 

Business Owner RockHound Apparel 

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What kind of salary will my student make?

Below are projected earnings PCA&D graduates may anticipate in traditional studio and institutional art occupations.

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What are PCA&D’s 2022 alumni doing since graduation?

Of the alumni who responded to the 2022 Graduate Survey, 100% of the respondents were either employed by others, self-employed, in graduate school, or completing a fellowship/residency program. (Eleven alumni did not respond to the survey).

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