Paying Your Bills

Follow these instructions to view or pay your student bills online‬.

  1. Click the button below to open the myPCAD (Self-Service) website.‬ This button is also available in the top right corner of the student portal
  1. pcad-it@pcad.edu‬‭ or 717.396.7833 ext. 1004.‬
  2. Enter your myPCAD username and password. This is not your student email login, it was emailed to you by the IT Department. You will have five‬‭ chances to enter your password correctly. To‬‭ reset your password, please contact IT at‬‭ it@pcad.edu‬‭ or call 717.396.7833 ext 1004.‬
  3. Click on the Finances tab. Here you will find‬‭ PDFs of our payment plan enrollment form and‬ the Water Street parking pass application.‬
  4. Click on the Balance tab.‬
  5. Be sure the current Year/Term is selected under‬‭ Period
  6. On the left-hand side, under Options, you may‬‭ choose to see your bill in more detail. Choose‬ Details by Charges/Credits and click on the Change link to see more details.Your balance due‬ after anticipated financial aid will be located on the bottom right, labeled as Anticipated Balance.‬ Balances listed in parenthesis, ( ), are credits that will be refunded to you once all financial aid is‬ received by the college.‬
  7. Online payments can be for no additional‬‭ fee by scrolling to the bottom left-hand‬ corner, entering an amount in the Payment Amount box, choosing the correct Year/Term, and‬
    then clicking on the Make a Payment link. 
  8. A pop-up window will appear to enter your credit‬ card information. If nothing happens after clicking make a payment, please check your browser’s‬ address bar for‬ information on how to allow a popup window.

‬If you’re using the Firefox browser, you’ll need to add our website to a safe list. Under your‬ menu options, please select options. From this area, select content. Click the exceptions button.‬ You will need to add this address to your list of allowed sites:‬‭ https://ss.pcad.edu‬.

need assistance?

‬For questions regarding your tuition bill, please contact the Bursar at‬‭ bursar@pcad.edu‬‭ or call 717-396-7833 ext 1016.‬