3 PCA&D Overwatch Esports teams make the playoffs

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Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Congratulations to PCA&D’s Overwatch Esports Teams, who all have qualified for the playoffs this season. This is the first season the College’s Peacocks have competed in NACE Starleague, a national collegiate league that combines a number of gaming titles. 

“Overall I’m very proud of all of our teams!” said coach Benjamin Farley, a 2021 PCA&D graduate in Animation & Game Art. “They all have worked diligently and practiced methodically.

“We are still learning, but making it to the playoffs is a huge win for us,” Farley added. “I think I speak for all of us when I say we are looking forward to the playoffs and beyond!”

The single-elimination playoffs start March 28, and the Peacocks are fielding these three student-run teams:

Overwatch A Team

Alex Serna ’23, Graphic Design; River Wintermantel ’25, Fine Art; Cara Miller ’25, Animation & Game Art; Jason Wagner ’24, Photography & Video; Ahmyah Little ’26, Animation & Game Art. 

Overwatch B Team

Jonathan Shelor ’24, Illustration; Paul Bonilla ’26, Foundation; Bryana Walker ’26, Foundation; Ty McCaw ’26, Animation & Game Art; Oakley Buscarino ’26, Foundation; Jacob Kinney ’25, Illustration.

Overwatch C Team

Ryan Gano ’26, Foundation; Abigail Howe ’26, Illustration; Philip Richardson ’26, Foundation; Soni Martinez Ortiz ’26, Foundation; Gage Thomas Russo ’26, Foundation.