Graphic Design students receive awards in GD USA Packaging Design competition

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Friday, February 12th, 2016

Congratulations to seniors Lauren Carbone and Andrew Kinsey for their winning packaging designs in the student category of  GD USA’s annual Packaging Design Awards.
Lauren Carbone – James & Lourdes Glove Packaging
Andrew Kinsey – Micro Chips

This is the third year that Tom Newmaster’s senior Packaging Design class entered GDUSA’s Packaging design awards program, and PCA&D student work was selected every year.

According to  GD USA, The American Package Design Awards is the fastest growing of the programs offered through the publication. “The reason is simple if profound: Marketers and retailers are challenged as never before to convey their message and promote their brand. Think fragmented audiences, diluted mass media, eroding loyalty, global competition. Package design — along with instore graphics and point-of-sale — is increasingly the difference maker in the consumer’s purchasing decision. This annual competition celebrates well-designed graphics, of course, but more importantly the power of design to advance the brand promise and to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth. Winners receive an embossed Neenah Packaging Certificate of Excellence for each piece selected and become eligible for reproduction in our American Package Design Awards Annual that will appear in April 2016 in print, online on our well-trafficked website winners gallery.”