A dialogue about political involvement: Cole Goodman

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Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Cole Goodman is the youngest elected official in central Pennsylvania who is determined and kind. He wishes to foster a relationship with the people of the communities he invests in. Goodman is  24 years old and is based in Pennsylvania. He has served on the school board in Dauphin County, the Governor’s Administration Board and has since worked in Lancaster and surrounding communities.

“It was an absolute honor speaking with the students at PCA&D. It is imperative that every millennial exercises his/her civic duty, and votes! Our voice is our vote! The more, young people get engaged in government, the more we will see our government change for the better.” Cole Goodman

On September 19, Goodman spoke with the Sociology class taught by Liberal Arts Professor Michelle Fogel. The students conversed with Goodman, who facilitated the conversation about the importance of communication through voice, volunteering, and education. Everyone had the opportunity to share their experiences about current topics in a safe, communicative environment. In the midst of the midterm elections and the ongoing change of political and social statures students wanted to voice their concerns.

Goodman held a unique forum in which all had the opportunity to speak and counter discuss the various topics at hand; including racism, sexism, classism, and the social constructions of difference. Students had the ability to talk about the impacts of local government decisions such as voting and knowing who and why you are voting for them. Talking with your neighbors, and volunteering with and for the community can help you to understand why the policies are being made and how it will impact the people from local all the way to nationwide.


“Cole Goodman’s witty and gracious personality made having conversations about current events and the importance of voting painless. Unraveling the unshed layers of my political stance has helped me recognize how important it is for me to continue embracing my yearn for social change and opportunity for minorities.” -Dyneisha Gross, /20, Graphic Design

“Cole Goodman is the youngest African American elected as of 2018. With November elections looming and growing in import every day, our Sociology class was a great place to talk politics! Students shared their concerns, their values, their hopes for the future with Cole who took his collected info back to Governor Tom Wolf. Many students are voting for the first or second time, and the stakes are high. I don’t want people to be afraid of talking with each other, of making their voices heard. So any chance I get to promote civic engagement and open discussion about that process for them, I’ll grab it!” -Michelle Fogel