Accomplishments in our PCA&D community

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Monday, November 7th, 2022

  • Klecksomancy, an installation by Foundation adjunct Tyler Kline, ran through October at Pink Noise Projects, Philadelphia, Klecksomancy is divination summoned through the use of inkblots. This exhibition is built upon playful installations, gameplay, and ambiguity endurance. The forms created for the show, Kline writes, “search for meaning that defines the Chthulucene, this new epoch we have entered, post-pandemic, post-Anthropocene, climate crisis informed, tentacular, multi-optic, and multi-specied.” Kline, who is based in Philadelphia, received his BA from Portland State University and his MFA in Installation and Sculpture from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
  • Dr. Vu Quoc Nguyen exhibited Nov. 4-6 at The Other Art Fair at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York. Presented with the Distinguished Alumnus Award at the College’s 2022 Commencement, Nguyen is an artist and practicing physician. “Over the past several years, representational elements in my work have gradually vanished,” Nguyen writes in a statement. “My focus has shifted more towards the experiential aspects of art making. I want to make thoughtful works that represent my cultural background and my relationship with the natural world.” You can see more of his work here
  • Allison Puff ’98, Communication Arts: Illustration, has been named Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs at Kansas City Art Institute. The move is the latest in a career that included more than 20 years at Farmingdale College in New York, where she created and revised academic programs as Academic Program Manager, and formerly served as Chair of the Department of Visual Communications. Puff also has served in numerous leadership roles, including co-chairing the AIGA National Design Educators Steering Committee, and serving on the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum Education Board. 
  • Heidi Ruhl ’07 was recently featured in LNP/LancasterOnline for an animal-themed mural she recently painted for Amish Farm & House in Lancaster. Read the article here, and see more of Ruhl’s work at HSR Studio here.
  • Prof. Natasha Warshawsky (Chair, Animation & Game Art) and Prof. Ellie Cochran (Adjunct, Graphic Design) this summer attended the SIGGRAPH Conference in Vancouver, Canada. The event shares an inside look at trending computer graphics and interactive techniques. Warshawsky was the recipient of a PCA&D Educator Professional Development Grant to attend SIGGRAPH 2022. Cochran, also a 2019 graduate of the College in Graphic Design, was awarded a Faculty Research and Development Grant to attend the conference.