Art for Social Good class creates projects for Medical Society

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Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Last semester The Art for Social Good class had an amazing opportunity to work with Pavone, a Harrisburg based advertising and marketing agency and The Pennsylvania Medical Society. The students were tasked to come up with artwork that may be used for promoting PAMED in newspaper/magazine ads, billboards, etc. that fit the following categories: Time, Money, or Autonomy.

Pavone and PAMED were very excited about the ideas and artwork the students created. Five students were chosen to have their artwork showcased. Their artwork was printed as posters and were shown at a recent PAMED board meeting.

At the board meeting the students were recognized and thanked for their illustration and design work. The students also received either $300 or $500 for their work. Brieanne Trevorrow (Senior Illustrator), Rachel Keel (Senior Graphic Designer), and Logan Myers (Junior Graphic Designer) won 1st through 3rd place; and Walker Banninger (Senior Illustrator) and Ellie Cochran(Junior Graphic Designer) received Honorable Mentions.

According to instructor Bill Dussinger, “This was a challenging project to even wrap our heads around and I am so proud of the ideas and the work that the entire class produced.”

Marc Torick, PCA&D Academic Dean, said, “Many important moments at the college come into being through the collaborative nature of our learning environment. Our students consistently rise to the challenge and earn the recognition from professional organizations for their thoughtful and impactful work. Creating art and design that influences how society perceives and thinks is at the heart of mission of the college and our Communication as Currency educational philosophy.”