Art for Social Good tackles the pandemic (and the all-important masks)

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Friday, September 18th, 2020

There’s no avoiding current events when you’re taking Art for Social Good with instructor Bill Dussinger.

And 2020 has no shortage of current events that are prime for subjects.

Dussinger’s first project for the class this semester was to design two posters for coronavirus awareness and prevention: One was to be generic, and the second was to be specific to the College, using the tagline, “We’re small, we’re mighty, we’re masked” and incorporating PCA&D’s branding logo and colors.
Take a look below at the results: social good in the age of a pandemic.

The class’s second project will be to encourage the public to “Get Out To Vote” (“Nothing Republican or Democrat,” Dussinger says, “justĀ get out and vote”), and the third will focus on social injustice and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Art for Good coronavirus posters by Allie Townsend, left, and Aubrey Mowrer.
Adelaide Aiden

Left: Adelaide Biehn
Right: Aiden Thackray

Allie Aubrey

Left: Allie Townsend
Right: Aubrey Maurer

Callie Cheyenne

Left: Callie Morton
Right: Cheyenne Tobias

Daniel Dixon

Left: Daniel Cardona
Right: Dixon Pugh-Cook

Emily Grace
Isiah Yamilet

Left: Isiah Bates
Right: Yamilet Orengo

Jaymi Vilardo

Jaymi Vilardo

Jia Madeleine

Left: Jia Bernstein
Right: Madeleine Norris

Natalie Marteney

Natalie Marteney

Ryn Paige

Left: Ryn Martino
Right: Paige Hershey

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(top photo: Detail of work by Adelaide Biehn)