Art Market 2018

. . .

Monday, October 15th, 2018

Hosted by the PCA&D AIGA (American Institution of Graphic Arts), but completely student run, Art Market allows students to get valuable experience. The project leaders themselves are Karla Urgiles’ 19, Senior Illustrator, and Joseph Bend’ 19, graphic design senior.

According to organizer Karla Urgiles, PCA&D’s Student Art Market is an market designed to help students enter the realm of selling their work to the public, as well as self promotion, pricing artwork and much more. Lancaster is being recognized more and more every day for its unique shopping experiences and, of course, the arts. This event is open to every student in the college despite grade or major.

“Art market is the start of something bigger for the students and PCA&D itself. Having the ability to showcase what our school is capable of to this growing community. Not only does this give a unique and insight to work of PCA&D’s students but gives the students themselves a unique opportunity,” said Urgiles.

Joseph Bend is really passionate about, tattoos, video games, and art. “I grew up around Philadelphia and the Bucks County area and have always been interested technology and how art can work with it!”

Karla Urgiles, who was born and raised in NY, and has really fallen in love with the art scene in Lancaster City. “I have a lot of tattoos, animals, clothing design. I’m am currently working on creating a clothing brand company with Joseph Bend. Seeing people, art and self expression come together has always been very important to me, which is why I take so much pride in helping run this years Student Art Market.”


Also participating in this semesters Art Market are:

  • Willa Hutchison
  • Sarah Garrett
  • Kristin Bere
  • Carolyn Loftus
  • Marshaun Zeigler-Dumas
  • Jeff Yosco
  • Cheyenne Tobias
  • Dyneisha Gross
  • Shelby Young
  • Brian Fenstermacher
  • Anthony Nardo
  • Brigitte Errickson
  • Jack Spielman
  • Antoinette Troller
  • Rainey Supple
  • Daniel Moyer
  • Elizabeth Geckle
  • Elizabeth Miller
  • Kimberly Cook
  • Laurel Tompkins
  • Daniel Lee Cardona
  • Abigail McMains
  • Dylan High
  • Zorina Eckman