Class of 2020 attends Open House to get acquainted

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Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Foundation students who will be living at Steinman Lofts in the fall attended an open house today, along with their families, and had the chance to look at their apartment, meet their roommates and spend some time becoming familiar with downtown before their highly-anticipated move-in day on August 26.

Zoe Bittner, Westminster, MD, met the three other students sharing her loft-style apartment and expresses her excitement to be “coming to Lancaster and living in a city.” One roommate, SamanthaKanios, Wilkes Barre, PA, said, “This is everything I’ve ever wanted. It’s so exciting.” Julia Ciampaglia, Eldersburg, MD, and Kristin VanSolkema, of Long Valley, NJ, were looking forward to meeting new people. Julia and Samantha plan to study Illustration, Zoe – Digital Media and Kristin – Graphic Design.

Jeff Yosco and Alexander Smith.

Alexander Smith, Towson MD, and Jeff Yosco, Cresco, PA, both have plans to study Digital Media and were both attracted to PCA&D because of its “small college feel.” Jeff said, “I want to get to know my professors and not just be a name on a list. I’m looking forward to starting my studio classes to better my craft and progress.”  Alexander said, “I’m looking forward to moving into my major to help me get into my career as a game animator. I want to contribute to the gaming industry.”

Roommates Brianna Souchuck, of Levittown,PA and Nicole Rok, of Suffern, NY, were excited to meet each other in person and thrilled with their apartment. Brianna is, “looking forward to being independent for a little while.”  Nicole said she “can’t wait to be able to be surrounded by all the things she likes doing.”

Nicole RokMax Crandall, Willow Grove, PA, was mostly excited to start living in Lancaster. He is planning to major in Graphic Design, but is also considering Photography. Foundation year students all take the same coursework and select a major during their second semester. His roommate, Tyler Le, Chambersburg, PA, is also interested in Graphic Design. He said he’s “ready to start growing and ready to create and learn new things.”

Dyneisha Gross, from Baltimore MD, is considering Graphic Design. As she tried to pick a room in her apartment, she said, “I am stunned! The people here are so welcoming!” Angel Mackert, Hartford, MD, a prospective illustration major, is excited to be able to live in downtown area of Lancaster. She’s also excited about the diverse things she’ll be able to try before selecting a major.

Steinman Lofts is one housing option for PCA&D Foundation or first-year students. Foundation year students experience similar coursework in the studio and liberal arts, which creates a strong base for studying the majors they select for their sophomore year. Orientation for all Foundation Students will be held September 1 and 2. The first day of class is September 6.