College announces new faculty grant initiatives

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Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

Pennsylvania College of Art & Design recently announced two new tracks for Professional Development Funding open to all College faculty: full-time, part-time, adjunct, and faculty of PCA&D’s Center for Creative Exploration. 

The application process is now open, and grants will be awarded in early June. The goal is to support faculty as they achieve both long- and short-term goals:

  • PCA&D Faculty Educator’s Development Grant 

This new initiative provides supportive funding to enable PCA&D faculty participation in activities and events relating to a faculty member’s professional development.

The Educator’s Development Grant also includes a professional development micro-grant option. These grants support a stipend for attendance at the College’s Faculty Teaching & Learning Series in June. Topics will include teaching neurodiverse learners, enhancing class engagement, reacclimating students to learning in person, understanding current students and where they’re coming from, and anticipating who PCA&D students will be in the coming years. 

The second new track for Professional Development Funding is the

  • PCA&D Faculty Research & Practice Professional Development Grant 

This grant program provides supportive funding for professional growth and development within a PCA&D faculty member’s field of interest.