College partners with North Museum of Nature and Science

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Friday, May 11th, 2018

From up in the sky to down below the ground, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design is partnering with the North Museum of Nature and Science to explore the different kinds of habitats and homes around the world.

May 8 – August 31 at the The North Museum of Nature and Science, 400 College Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603. Hours are Mon – Sat: 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday: 12 noon to 5 pm

Opening Reception First Friday June 1, 5:30 pm

The theme “Habitat” with the key phrase “Home is Where the Heart is” was introduced to all majors at PCA&D where they were encouraged to interpret the prompt in their own individual voices.

Some pieces mirror, in perfect harmony, the spirit of the North Museum’s focus on the outside world, wildlife, and exploration. Concentrating on the habitat that an animal would call home, you will see some of the artists spinning a warm narrative around these inhabitants while celebrating the uniqueness of their environment. Other interpretations boldly expand to the human connection to habitats and our roll in this ever-changing world.

Educational interactivity, preservational undertones, and ecological inquiries are explored encompassing themes such as recycling, interior man made habitats, and the importance of species in our everyday lives.

Below are some of the pieces in the exhibit:


Participating in the show are:

  • Karla Daher Urgiles, Illustration, Class of 2019, Nanuet, PA
  • Brandon Boggs, Illustration, Class of 2018, Fairfield, PA
  • Andrea Ho, Graphic Design,  Class of 2018, Horsham, PA
  • Casey Capece, Graphic Design,  Class of 2018, Union Bridge, NJ
  • Joshua Gingerich, Graphic Design,  Class of 2018, Lancaster, MD
  • Joshua Gingerich, Graphic Design,  Class of 2018, Lancaster, MD
  • Adam Leitzel, Photography,  Class of 2020, Lititz, PA
  • Caitlin Campagno, Illustration, Class of 2018, Chambersburg, PA
  • Devin Forst, Illustration, Class of 2018, Dysart, MD
  • Parker Dennis, Illustration, Class of 2021, Lancaster, PA
  • Brigitte Errickson, Fine Art, Class of 2019, Changewater, PA
  • Sarah Kelly, Illustration, Class of 2020, Cleona, NJ
  • Laurel Tompkins, Illustration, Class of 2019, Red Lion, PA
  • Kathryn Mikus, Illustration, Class of 2019, Denver, PA
  • Savanah Myers, Illustration, Class of 2018, Levittown, PA
  • Marshaun Zeigler-Dumas, Illustration, Class of 2019, Easton, PA
  • Elizabeth Geckle, Illustration, Class of 2019, Rising Sun, PA
  • Kimberly Cook, Illustration, Class of 2019, Bensalem, DE
  • Alexandra Downs, Fine Art, Class of 2019, Lititz, PA
  • Marina Salvatore, Illustration, Class of 2019, Harrisburg, PA
  • Noah Miller, Digital Media,  Class of 2019, Souderton, PA
  • Larissa Ramey, Photography,  Class of 2019, Leesburg, PA
  • Shelby Young, Illustration, Class of 2019, Berwick, NJ
  • Marissa Gardenhour, Illustration, Class of 2018, York, DE
  • Paige Baxter, Illustration, Class of 2019, Carlisle, PA
  • Sara Lamison, Illustration, Class of 2018, Hanover, DE
  • Alexi Morton, Illustration, Class of 2019, Wallingford, PA
  • Brieanne Trevorrow, Illustration, Class of 2018, Thurmont, PA
  • Amanda Scudner, Fine Art, Class of 2019, Lancaster, PA

Christina Hess, Chair of PCA&D’s Illustration Program, will also have a piece in the exhibition. Marketing material for the show was designed by Andrea Ho, Graphic Design, Class of 2018.