Creating new worlds with game designer Jeff Maisonneuve ’21

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Monday, March 20th, 2023

Who wouldn’t want to create and rule their own world?

That motivation — paired with a longtime desire to enter the world of game design and the College’s affordability — led Jeff Maisonneuve to Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. Now, the 2021 Animation & Game Art graduate has just landed a full-time gig in the industry. How did PCA&D influence that path, and what are some lessons he continues to use from his education here?

He shared his thoughts with us:

What was the deciding factor that drew you to PCA&D?
Jeff Maisonneuve: The proximity and affordability for a Game Design program made my choice easy. 
Did you know, starting out, that you’d be majoring in Digital Media/Animation/Game Art? What helped you make that decision?
JM: Yes. Game Design was my focus and has been a desired career path for many years. 
Briefly, what has been your path since graduation — from first job to what you’re doing now?
JM: At first, I did some freelance work. I also did an animation mentorship, as well as teaching animation at Drexel University. After a long search, I landed a full-time industry position at City State Entertainment as a Technical Artist / Animator.
Can you name a particular challenge you’ve faced in the Digital Media industry, and explain how PCA&D prepared you to overcome it? 
JM: PCA&D gave me practice working well with others. Since we started online classes at PCA&D, this was a good introduction to remote work. Many industry positions are now remote, and the practice with time management was helpful. 
For you, what excites you about the field that you’re in?
JM: I get to be the god of my own world, creating inspiring characters in a mythical environment. 
Who inspired you at PCA&D?
JM: Nick Ledonne, Jon Di Venti, Natasha Warshawsky.
Who or what inspires you now?
JM: My 3-year-old son, who has the most creative imagination, and my 1-year-old daughter, who brings me back to reality.
What career accomplishment are you most proud of? How did what you learn at PCA&D impact that accomplishment? 
JM: A character animation of mine will be featured in a game that my company is creating, to be released in April.

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