Designathon 2021: A 12-hour sprint to create new branding for 8 regional nonprofits

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Monday, March 15th, 2021

The clients (and alumni) were online; the timeframe was 12 hours instead of the traditional 24; and gauging by client reactions Saturday night (yes, there were some giddy tears of happiness), Designathon 2021 was a massive success.
Organizer and Graphic Design Department Chair Pam Barby, along with faculty members Bill Dussinger and Laura Korzon, and Dean Jessica Edonick, led teams of 18 student designers and five alumni in this Design for Good tradition. Their work resulted in dozens of new marketing and branding pieces on behalf of eight regional nonprofit organizations: The Common Wheel, Eastern York Recreation Authority, Goal Project, Inc., Growing Peace in Afghanistan, Pennsylvania Friends of Ag for Veteran Farming Project, Friends of Fishing Creek, Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning, and Lancaster Northeast Neighbors United.
Maddie Lyash '21, Graphic Design, with her Designathon 2021-branded T-shirts

Maddie Lyash ’21, Graphic Design, with her Designathon 2021-branded T-shirts also shown at top.


From letterhead and logos to brochures, website redesign, fundraising materials, event promotion, and even a short infographic video, the teams poured a tremendous amount of work and talent into their projects. They made #PCADProud an action, not just a hashtag, and their work on behalf of these clients will have worldwide reach.
Don’t miss a chance to see a sampling of each team’s work; swipe through the gallery below. Each team is listed with its client’s project:

Designathon 2021

The Common Wheel
Eastern York Recreation Authority (2)
Friends of Fishing Creek
Goal Project
Growing Peace in Afghanistan
Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning
Lancaster Northeast Neighbors United
Pennsylvania Veteran Farming Project
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The Common Wheel: John Hollas ’21, Graphic Design; Kayleigh Nesson ’24, Illustration; Aeri Tulayan ’21, Graphic Design; Advisor: Prof. Laura Korzon

Eastern York Recreation Authority: Tyler Handa ’23, Graphic Design; Regina Mehaffey ’21, Graphic Design; Amelia Mellberg ’21, Illustration; Advisor Prof. Bill Dussinger

GOAL Project, Inc.: Bianca Garcia ’24; Amanda Herr ’21, Graphic Design; Rachel O’Brien ’23, Graphic Design; Advisor: Dean Jessica Edonick

Growing Peace in Afghanistan: Zorina Eckman ’21, Graphic Design; Maddie Lyash ’21, Graphic Design; Madeleine Norris ’22, Graphic Design; Advisor: Prof. Pam Barby

Friends of Fishing Creek: Casey Capece ’18; Lauren Duffy ’20; Tyler Le ’20; Nick Whartenby ’20

Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning: Brandon Harris ’21, Graphic Design; Chase Rusinko ’22, Graphic Design; Daniel Valle ’24, Animation & Game Art; Advisor: Prof. Pam Barby

Lancaster Northeast Neighbors United: Isaac Baker ’21, Graphic Design; Austin Taylor ’24, Graphic Design; Advisor: Prof. Bill Dussinger

Pennsylvania Veteran Farming Project: Allanna Peck ’20; Anthony Nardo ’20