Digital Media Chair Jon di Venti’s art makes a connection with musician Steven Curtis Chapman

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Monday, December 11th, 2017

Jon di Venti, chair of PCA&D’s Digital Media Department, read the autobiography Between Heaven and the Real World by Steven Curtis Chapman, one of di Venti’s favorite musicians,  and was inspired to make a painting in an attempt to capture the personality of Chapman’s spirited youngest daughter Maria, who died in a tragic accident at age 5.

After posting the painting on Instagram,  di Venti received an unexpected response from the musician and his wife.

Mary Beth Chapman commented on the post, “I was just told about this and it is unbelievably accurate! As the mother to Maria and the wife to @stevencurtischapman, this is AMAZING! Would love to connect with you about this moving piece of art! It really is as if you knew her!”

Digital Media Chair Jon Di Venti and musician Steven Curtis Chapman.

Digital Media Chair Jon di Venti and musician Steven Curtis Chapman.

Chapman also emailed di Venti and told him that the painting moved him to tears and asked if he could buy the painting to hang in his home. di Venti said, “I told him it was a digital piece so there’s no original, but that I’d be happy to send him a print for no charge (because the fact that I made him cry was payment enough).”

While in conversation with di Venti, Chapman suggested a collaboration with Jon and the tw0 were recently able to meet in person. According to di Venti, “We’re planning to meet again to brainstorm ideas for collaboration. He and his music have had a big impact on me so this was super exciting for me personally. He is the most awarded artist in Christian music history with five Grammys and over 50 GMA Awards, so it’s also a great career opportunity.”