Ekphrasis: CCE class explores the practice of using art to inspire … more art

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Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Lovers of the arts are yearning for the days of experiencing creativity of all kinds in person. Cultural institutions are struggling to maintain connections with their communities. To bring the two together, Center for Creative Exploration instructor Erin Dorney is hosting a winter ekphrasis  creative writing class that offers students and institutions the chance to grow together while still maintaining safety and physical distance. 

Dorney’s upcoming online class, Inspired By Art: Ekphrastic Creative Writing, does this and so much more. Ekphrasis is the act of making a work of art (such as a poem) inspired by another piece of art. “In this class,” Dorney writes in the course description, “students will respond to visual art through creative writing, utilizing prompts and exercises to inspire deeper connections between literary art and visual art.” 

This interdisciplinary class focuses on the marriage of creative writing and visual art. Dorney’s class balances weekly whole-class online meetings with the option for individual excursions to regional art spaces to view visual art first hand. Each week will highlight a different art institutiongallery or museum exhibitionsgiving students the opportunity to experience works of visual art either by attending in person or engaging with the venue’s online exhibition.

Featured galleries and museums:: 

So if you’re like us and sometime over the past 10 months you have said, “I miss museums and art,” then this class is a perfect fit. Registration is open and class starts March 10. Learn more at https://pcad.edu/product/inspired-by-art-ekphrastic-creative-writing-online-ce-247/ or email the Center for Creative Exploration at ce@pcad.edu