Fenstermacher and Cochran are Student Speakers for the Class of 2019

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Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

One new tradition that the College will be implementing this year is a Student Speaker,  member or members of the graduating class, to reminisce about their time at PCA&D and look forward to their futures as artists and designers.

This year’s speakers are Brian Fenstermacher and Penelope “Ellie” Cochran, both Graphic Designers.


Brian Fenstermacher

Fenstermacher’s talk, “We’ve Figured It Out,” revisits key points in the Class of 2019’s time at the College. “Looking back and remembering the struggles and victories we were both faced with and those that we overcame, I find, is a fantastic way to prepare for what comes next.”

Fenstermacher is a senior Graphic Design major from Allentown who transferred to PCA&D his sophomore year from Lehigh Carbon Community College. He received an Honorable Mention in the national 2019 Young Designers Competition sponsored by the Independent Cosmetics Manufacturers and Distributors. He is president of the PCA&D AIGA club, has participated in the College’s 24-hour Designathon, and worked with the media team during the Creative Community Engagement Day.

Ellie Cochran

Penelope “Ellie” Cochran’s remarks, “Never Stop Exploring,” encourage the
Class of 2019 to embrace the change the future brings. “Every person here is a never-ending art piece, and it’s important that we never stop exploring. You haven’t met all of you yet.”

Cochran is a senior Graphic Design major and was selected as a winner of the American Packaging Design Awards, sponsored by Neenah Packaging and Graphic Design USA. She was also named as one of Graphic Design USA’s Students to Watch for 2019. Cochran participated in the College’s 24-hour Designathon, developed instructional tech videos for PCA&D, was a leader of the branding team for Creative Community Engagement Day, and was a Student Ambassador at PCA&D Open House events