Foundation student Zeon Youngblood designs the College’s 2023-2024 T-shirt

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Monday, August 28th, 2023

Zeon Youngblood, a first-year student from Burke, Virginia, designed the College’s official Welcome Week T-shirt this year. Youngblood’s design, a bold peacock curved into an ampersand, won the most votes out of the seven finalists up for the honor. 

“I actually found out I’d won once I was here and saw the shirt,” Youngblood says. “It was a pleasant surprise!”

The Foundation student worked on the design this summer, thinking about the challenge for about a week before settling on a concept. “I think I saw the announcement on social media,” he says of the annual challenge. This year, artists were asked to incorporate the “&” symbol of the College and represent the concept of “At PCA&D, we are makers & dreamers. designers & entrepreneurs” in a two- or three-color design. 

Youngblood used the digital tool Procreate to design the shirt, he says. And, once he started working on the concept he was done with the basic design in an afternoon, coming back to put the finishing touches on it later.