In the Gallery: ‘Digital Media-Realms of Possibility’

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Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Today, wherever you look, you see evidence of people working in Digital Media. From the world of gaming and apps to the Internet to your smartphone; wherever there is mass communication, there are Digital Media designers at work.

Digital media designers may work in:

  • Animation
  • Video game design
  • Graphic design
  • Special effects
  • Advertising
  • Video production

If you are technically apt and visually inventive, a career as a digital designer may be an excellent choice. A degree in Digital Media provides the education and training that will give you technical and creative skills, providing a pathway to a growing array of careers.

Our gallery is currently hosting the exhibit “Digital Media – Realms of Possibility” through February 27th. This features examples of artists utilizing digital technology to create and present their work, highlighting the variety and potential of a career in Digital Media.

The 3D work of Eric Boosman, PCA&D adjunct instructor.

The 3D work of Eric Boosman, PCA&D adjunct instructor.

Digital Media – Realms of Possibility exhibition showcases the work of:

  • LAIKA, an animation studio that produces both feature length and short films.
    • PCA&D alumnus (’04) graduate Andrew Zubko, of LAIKA was “Face Wrangler” for the firm’s Oscar nominated film ParaNorman.
  • Eric Boosman, PCA&D adjunct instructor teaching classes in animation and games and CEO and creative director at DarkTonic, a video game development studio.
  • Paul Warne, cofounder of Hololabs, an award-winning development studio based in Montreal, Canada, specializing in Digital Media combining technology, creativity, and play.
    • The firm developed Papercade, a free, creative, social game where players can craft story games.
  • Evan Roth, an American artist based in Paris whose practice visualizes and archives culture through unintended uses of technologies.
  • PCA&D alumni Jeff McComsey (’05) and H.Giles Crawford (’11) as well as artists and designers from the Lancaster community, such as the animation studio, The Fictory, which was founded by Joseph Krzemienski of Lancaster.

We welcome you to enter a community where creativity is everything. Because here, you aren’t just a student – you’re an artist. The Digital Media major, with a focus on career-oriented projects and developing professional skill sets, prepares students to meet the demands of a diverse and expanding job market.

Work by DarkTonic, a video game development studio.

Work by DarkTonic, a video game development studio.