Inaugural Pilot Program: PCA&D Fine Art Alumni Residency, beginning September 2019. 

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Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Pennsylvania College of Art & Design’s Fine Art department is excited to announce the launch of a merit-based Artist in Residence position for one PCA&D or PSAD alumnus a year.

The Alumnus-resident will

  • Participate in a creative community
  • Connect with the talented students and vibrant faculty at your alma mater
  • Be part of Lancaster’s creative renaissance
  • Mentor (PCA&D students) and be mentored (by PCA&D’s visiting artists)
  • Invigorate their own professional practice

PCA&D students will benefit from meeting and learning from an alumni who is actively working to take their practice further.

The department will benefit by maintaining its connections with PCA&D alumni and keeping them involved,

The resident will renew their connection to PCA&D’s creative community and have access to all building facilities, including full use of PCA&D’s printmaking facilities, digital print lab and wood shop, as well receive studio space similar to those assigned to Senior Fine Artists


Learn more:  http://engage.pcad.edu/artist-in-residence