LUX presents 2018 joint exhibition

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

The exhibition will be shown in the photography hallway at PCA&D, where Anne Arundel Community College, Salisbury University and Frostburg University students works will be exhibited alongside Pennsylvania College of Art & Design students! The exhibition is open to all majors.


Theme is Open Eyes: Relationship to Place

The exhibition will be curated by President Larissa Ramey then printed and installed by the student photography organization Lux.


Lux- A photography student organization that focuses on critiquing, inspiring and challenging members to take their art to a higher level both visually and conceptually outside of class time at PCA&D. It also allows for discussions and interactions that students may not have time to experience during the regular school-working environment. The organization is open to all majors. Lux is affiliated with (SPE) The Society for Photographic Education, the leading forum for fostering understanding of photography in all its forms and related media. SPE engages its worldwide membership and affiliated communities through a range of supportive platforms including conferences, events, and publications.


What does the organization do?

  • Four meetings monthly to have open critiques for any artwork brought to the meeting. These critiques are held at school but also held on some weekends at the school.
  • Club trips both in state and out to museums, parks and other locations that inspire members to create new work or even to expose them to popular art in the medium.
  •  Some ideas would be;
    • Downtown Lancaster galleries
    • Local newspaper studios
    • Museums
    • Local parks
    • Historic landmarks
    • Art/music festivals
  • Movie of the month – chose a theme and then try to play a movie that falls under that category each month. Vote as a group or you can take the lead. The movies are played in our designated classroom and the college’s atrium.
  • This year, President Larissa Ramey chose the theme of movies with a plot twist. By trying something that will catch all students’ attention, it gives a chance for all students to be interested in the dialogue film has in the art community. The year before that she followed a film noir and experimental theme.
  • Student Exhibitions. A call for entry is sent out to all students and they can submit to exhibitions in the school, as well as, exchange shows with other colleges. Professors and academic are also highlighted in exhibitions.


President of LUX Larissa Ramey is a senior photography major. She has been running the organization for three years and has expanded the program to including all majors. Ramey is from Virginia. She is involved with Student Council, works in PCA&D’s communications office, multiple galleries in Lancaster and is social media manager for the Mid-Atlantic Region for SPE.



The Chair of the Photography Department, Eric Weeks, supports and engages in the organization. This allows for the photography department to shine while collaborating, creating, and engaging with PCA&D’s other majors.


(Top photo: Justin Carney, ’20)