Meet Chris Morris: Digital Media Student Ambassador

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Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Up next in our spotlight series on our PCA&D Student Ambassadors for the 2018-2019 school year is Chris Morris.

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Student Ambassadors are current PCA&D students that serve as representatives of the college. They work primarily with the admissions department where they serve as guides for prospective students and their parents, art teachers, and guidance counselors. Student Ambassadors provide important insight into the creative environment found in our degree programs and they create an important link to prospective students who want to be part of the PCA&D community.

We are very excited to introduce you to digital media major, Chris Morris. Chris is originally from Bear, Delaware, and graduated from Appoquinimink High School. This is Chris’s senior year and we can’t believe it! We’ve really enjoyed watching his work progress and we’re very interested to see what’s next for him.


As you were searching and comparing colleges, what attracted you to PCA&D?

CM: In my first visit to the college I discovered the close-knit, artistic community that is created here. It felt very comfortable and welcoming as opposed to some of the larger colleges I visited. I also was really interested in the Digital Media major.


What do you love about Lancaster city?

CM: The walkability and transportation access of Lancaster is a huge plus for me. There are great food options around the city as well. First Fridays are always inspirational for anyone in the creative field.


When giving a tour or talking about PCA&D, what is one thing you are sure to show or describe to a prospective student?

DM: Whenever I show a prospective student around the college, I will always show them the lab that has our Cintiq technology. When I saw the Arts and Technology center I was beyond excited to use the equipment to supplement my workflow.


Which clubs or activities have you become involved in?

CM: For the past three years I have been an officer of the PCA&D SIGGRAPH Student Chapter. SIGGRAPH is an international organization with a focus on the digital media industry. Our college chapter is a group that allows for digital media students to connect and learn together through collaborative projects, workshops, artist talks, critique nights, and social events. Every year our PCA&D SIGGRAPH Chapter sends over a group of students to the international conference, which features presentations, panels, and other events held by the biggest companies and industry professionals. It is also a great opportunity to meet students in your industry worldwide.


How have your professors inspired you?

CM: My professors inspire me through their lectures, critique, and personal work. For example, Professor Jon DiVenti, the Digital Media department chair, constantly inspires me to push my characters and story to be both imaginative and effective. Simultaneously, Professor Nick LeDonne’s personal animated films inspire me to be introspective about my own work and communicate emotion through my work. The faculty are a constant stream of inspiration.


When were you inspired by another student?

CM: Every day I am inspired by other students, but especially my roommates since freshman year, Marshaun Zeigler-Dumas and Joey Bend. Over the past few years we’ve each grown from being new Foundation year students to operating as student leaders in both our respective majors and school organizations. Witnessing their artistic and personal growth first hand is a constant inspiration to me.


What words of wisdom would you share with a prospective student?

CM: The best advice I could give to a prospective student is to take advantage of every opportunity you can. Between the various artist talks, college events, clubs/organizations, or whatever else, you never know where inspiration or opportunities can come from.


What does being a Student Ambassador mean to you?

CM: Being Student Ambassador of Digital Media means that I represent the voice and perspective of Digital Media students at PCA&D, and therefore I’ve gained a well-rounded knowledge of the Digital Media curriculum and student experience. This position also allows me to share my personal knowledge and experience with the DM major to prospective students and the community.


Do you have a motto/favorite quote?

CM: “We could not only evoke, but conjure a place of our own” – Porter Robinson

This quote is a lyric from one of my favorite songs in high school. It is a constant reminder that as a creative individual, I can create a creative space of my own.


What are you looking forward to most this school year?

CM: This year is super exciting because I am working on my senior thesis! My thesis is an animated short. In Digital Media we start developing our thesis in our junior year, so I’m excited to see how the project progresses.


Let’s take a look at a couple of Chris’s creations. Have more questions for Chris? Send them over via email at admissions@pcad.edu. Or you can come to our November 17th Open House and meet Chris in-person.

art by Chris Morris

Art courtesy Chris Morris


art by Chris Morris

Art courtesy Chris Morris