Meet: Director of Continuing Education Natalie Lascek

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Monday, July 8th, 2019

Pennsylvania College of Art & Design welcomes Natalie Lascek as the Director of Continuing Education. For the past decade, Lascek has served as the Director of Admissions Marketing & Recruitment at PCA&D. Lascek joined PCA&D in 2000, where she worked in a multitude of positions as the College grew, including Marketing Assistant, Housing Coordinator, Admissions Counselor, Continuing Education Youth Coordinator, and Adjunct Instructor.

Lascek is deeply engaged with the local community. She serves on the City of Lancaster Public Art Advisory Board and the LEADS: Lancaster’s Economic Action for Downtown’s Success Board. She coordinates a number of community-based arts initiatives and has a long history of teaching art and supporting arts education. Lascek’s personal interests are deeply grounded in visual arts education and creativity. She is excited about the opportunity to help advance engagement in the arts and creativity, strengthen relationships within the Lancaster community, and facilitate the growth of the Continuing Education program.