Admissions Ambassador Adan Harris ’23, Animation & Game Art

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Saturday, February 20th, 2021


MEET ADAN HARRIS: I’m in the class of 2023, I come from a small town called Chambersburg [PA], but I actually went to a school called Waynesboro in the next town over. I don’t have a minor currently but I may take one in the upcoming semester. (Instagram: @harrisadan)


What do you remember about your first visit to PCA&D?

AH: I believe I received a letter about it or something to that effect.

Why PCA&D? What drew you to our college community?

AH: PCA&D was kinda my escape, I live in a very rural area with very traditional views and I couldn’t stand that much longer. Having this place that was filled with so many different people really was a boon for me.

Did you know you wanted to study Animation & Game Art when you arrived at PCA&D?

AH: I was really excited to learn how to animate but now I’m not sure anymore. I appreciate how they broke the classes into more specific parts, (but) I kinda feel like that break is paralyzing me to choose.

Work by Adan Harris '23, Animation & Game Art

Work by Adan Harris ’23, Animation & Game Art.

What club, activity, or event at PCA&D has meant a great deal to you? What has the experience taught you?

AH: I’m currently in BLAC (the College’s Black Led Art Coalition student group), and I was in the D&D game club. I truly enjoyed the experience of both and I do feel a bit more in depth with the BLAC group, especially now.

Adan, what would your dream job be after college? Has there been a class or experience at PCA&D that’s enabled you to work toward that goal?

AH: I know everyone says this but I want to man my own project and be a director, but that’s FAR too ambitious for right out of college. So when I leave I want to be a character animator or storyboard artist. I guess my best thing is that a professor said my style was perfect for storyboarding, and that got me super excited!


Work by Adan Harris '23, Animation & Game Art.

Work by Adan Harris ’23, Animation & Game Art.

Looking at your Instagram feed, it seems like character design is a big passion of yours —  is that correct? What appeals to you about it?

AH: I can’t say I’m the best with character design yet but I LOVE making characters!! I just honestly like making a little being and giving them a personality, it’s very fun and honestly therapeutic for me, I’m very much in my head all the times and constantly see the issues that I don’t like about myself, and then I give that to a character of choice.

How have your relationships with your professors and the College’s small class size impacted your experience?

AH: I really like how tightly knit this all is and it really does help with engaging with professors.


Fern Molchice, by Adan Harris.

Fern Molchice, by Adan Harris.

What’s your favorite annual College event?

AH: I didn’t attend it, but next time I’m totally going to the PCA&D Drag Gala, it looked super fun!

What’s your favorite art tool?

AH: I’m slowly becoming more (accustomed) to online and using Clip Studio, although for more traditional events I use watercolor. I can’t say that I’m still any good at it, but I do love using it.

Right now, who inspires you in your field? 

AH: I can’t say I have an inspiration right now, but that doesn’t mean that [they’re] all not good people.


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