Meet Student Ambassador Chris Morris

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Monday, December 18th, 2017

Chris Morris, a digital media junior from Bear, DE, and a graduate of Appoquinimink High School, has always been interested in telling stories through the digital medium. “The newly forming Digital Media program was really exciting for me and felt like a great place to pursue my passion.  The small class sizes were also a huge plus, too.”

Since it’s beginning just a few years ago, the PCA&D Digital Media program has shaped into something amazing, says Chris. “By being the Student Ambassador for Digital Media at PCA&D, I get to share and promote this experience to future creators which is truly exciting to me.”


Here are some of Chris’s thoughts about his time here at PCA&D:

Do you have a motto/favorite quote?

“Give it 110%” is a phrase that I live by. Putting all of yourself into every project is challenging, but hard work, passion, and dedication pays off.

What makes you laugh out loud?

My friends here at PCA&D always keep me smiling.  I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that I’m not laughing at some ridiculous jokes we make.

What words of wisdom would you share with a prospective student?

Pursuing a life in art can seem like a daunting or risky decision, but if you have a passion for art and design, chase it because it is worth it.

What surprised you the most about Lancaster and why?

Lancaster is a community that revolves around the arts, and I would recommend families experience a First Friday if they haven’t already. The walkability and the food of Lancaster are both great, and this surprised me quite a bit when I moved here.

When giving a tour around the College, what is one thing you are sure to show them?

I’m always excited to show off the Arts & Technology Center with its Cintiq lab.  I spend a ton of my time both in and out of class-time in that space, and the Cintiq tablets are a great resource to have especially as a Digital Media student.

Share about an experience that impacted your understanding of the creative industry.

In July of this past summer, a few of my fellow SIGGRAPH members and I went to the SIGGRAPH 2017 Conference in Los Angeles as Student Volunteers.  The experience was so enlightening regarding learning about the animation and gaming industries.  We got to listen to panels and presentations from industry professionals and network with fellow student volunteers.

Which PCA&D professor impacted you the most- how/why?

I’ve had Jon di Venti as a professor for the past three semesters at PCA&D, and it’s been a pretty awesome experience.  His classes have been so influential for me in terms of learning how to effectively communicate a story and generate ideas.  The classes I’ve had with Jon have pushed my creative limits and I’m extremely thankful for that.

When were you inspired by another student?

One of my biggest inspirations at PCA&D is my roommate and amazing friend, Marshaun.  Since becoming roommates in our foundation year at PCA&D we have constantly pushed each other creatively, discussed art ideas and goals, grown together as people and artists, and thrown terrible puns at each other, and I’m so grateful to have him.


What will you always remember from your years at PCA&D?

Other than the sounds of the PCA&D coffee machine being forever engrained into my mind, the end of the semester picnic and Senior Show eventsare always a great way to wrap up the school year, and Pet Palooza is unforgettable because the therapy dogs are just so awesome.

What surprised you the most about PCA&D?

The diversity within the community at PCA&D was both very surprising and welcoming. With the student body being so small, you get to know a wide variety of individuals with a varying range of styles, personalities, and backgrounds which is really inspiring for a creative student.

What single tip would you tell an incoming student?

Stay passionate. Certain assignments may be difficult and they will challenge you to the point of giving up, but it’s important not to forget the passion that drove you to pursue a life in art in the first place. Put yourself and your passion into everything you do.

Student Ambassadors serve as representatives of the college. They work with the admissions department where they serve as guides for prospective students and their parents, art teachers, and guidance counselors. Student Ambassadors attend each PCA&D open house event, provide important insight into the creative environment afforded to students in our degree programs and create an important link to prospective students who want to be part of the PCA&D community. Learn more.