Admissions Ambassador Kennedy Toomey ’22, Photography & Video

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Saturday, February 13th, 2021


Kennedy Toomey

MEET KENNEDY TOOMEY: I’m a Photo junior going for an Art History minor. I grew up around Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. (Instagram: @fallingintofocusphoto)



What do you remember about your first visit to PCA&D?
KT: My first time at PCA&D, I remember being super excited to see the school had a darkroom. And the school felt more homey with its community, which was something I was looking for.

photo by Kennedy Toomey

Photo by Kennedy Toomey

Why PCA&D? What drew you to transfer to PCA&D?
KT: Transferring … to PCA&D wasn’t a difficult decision at all.
Walking into the school felt more like home in a way I never felt before … and I welcomed that feeling. I enjoyed the small community and how involved they were together.

What club, activity, or event at PCA&D has meant a great deal to you? What has the experience taught you?
KT: This past semester I became the social media manager for PCA&D’s CORE Gallery, which meant I had to put a lot of time and effort into representing other artist’s work for them. We also just hosted the first-ever virtual Halloween Party, so doing that led to us learning all the tech behind hosting both exhibits and parties virtually.

Photo by Kennedy Toomey

Photo by Kennedy Toomey

Kennedy, what would your dream job be after college? Has there been a class or experience at PCA&D that’s enabled you to work toward that goal?
KT: It’s up in the air at this point, but I am looking to possibly become an exhibitionist or work more in museum studies of photography. Last year I went to the ImagingUSA conference in Nashville, Tennessee, to meet with professionals and learn the tips for marketing yourself and your work.

Have you lived in PCA&D student housing or commuted to the College?
KT: I don’t live in PCA&D housing but I do rent my own apartment in downtown Lancaster a couple blocks from the school.

Photo by Kennedy Toomey

Photo by Kennedy Toomey

How have your relationships with your professors and the College’s small class size impacted your experience?
KT: I absolutely love the small size of the school, it makes me be able to get to know all the students well and make great connections. Some of us become like family here. With my professors, I feel like I can have actual conversation and relationships with.

What’s your favorite annual College event?
KT: Probably the Art Market, ’cause I get to see all the amazing art that students create and possibly take some work home with me and support local college artists.

What’s your favorite art tool? What’s the next camera you’d buy, if money was no object?
KT: My favorite tool right now would be the Osmo Pocket, because I had gotten one over the summer and fell in love with the quality of video captured. I would love to one day purchased my own large-format camera since I have a newfound love for large-format photography.

Right now, who inspires you in your field?
KT: My current series that is a mixture of both film, digital, and video I have been working on is personally influenced by the works of Laura McPhee, Julia Margaret Cameron, and Judy Dater.

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Photo by Kennedy Toomey

Photo by Kennedy Toomey