Admissions Ambassador Kylie Hileman ’22, Fine Art

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Saturday, February 27th, 2021


Kylie Hileman

MEET KYLIE HILEMAN: I am a Junior (Year 3) as of right now, I’m from Nescopeck/Berwick, PA. It’s in very rural central PA. I don’t have a minor, but if I could’ve snagged one, I would’ve loved to minor in Illustration. (Instagram: @k_j_h_art)


What do you remember about your first visit to PCA&D?

KH: I was actually really nervous the entire time I was here for the Open House. I remember that everyone was pretty nice even though I was a nervous mess and mostly hid behind my mom the entire time. It was nice looking at all of the art that was around, even though I was overwhelmed

Sculpture by Kylie Hileman.

Sculpture by Kylie Hileman.

Why PCA&D? What drew you to our college community?

KH: I liked how small it was, and it was one of the very few art schools that sent me a postcard that looked cool and wasn’t intimidating like other schools. And exploring their website and looking into it a bit more I was pretty set on it

Did you know you wanted to study Fine Art when you arrived at PCA&D? Or was there a specific class that sparked your interest in the major?

KH: I actually came in as an Illustration major, and I thought I was really dead set on it, too. I don’t think it was necessarily a specific class that led me to go into (Fine Art), it was more like, all of my classes helped me realize that my niche wasn’t really illustrative. I’m very happy that I went into Fine Art instead, I don’t think I would’ve been cut out for Illustration

Work by Kylie Hileman

Work by Kylie Hileman.

You’ve become really involved with the student-run CORE Gallery — including having a solo Instagram Takeover and First Friday experiences. What have you learned through those experiences? 

KH: I definitely learned that a lot of time needs to be put into an exhibition. I figured I could be more off the cuff with my show, but pre-planning should have been a must. Other than that, just learning what galleries go through to put a show together has been really interesting. I feel like it pulled the curtain back a bit of how the art world works

Kylie, what would your dream job be after college? Has there been a class or experience at PCA&D that’s enabled you to work toward that goal?

KH: Well my absolute dream job would be to run off into a forest on a mountain and paint and sculpt there for the end of my days. I genuinely just want to work on work that interests me. Unfortunately, I don’t think I really have the “hustle” energy one needs to solely fend for myself that way. So, I’m thinking that I’ll get a master’s sometime after here and become a professor. I’ve done quite a few things around the school in regard to events and such that I think it’d be a good fit for me, and I think I’d really enjoy it.

Work by Kylie Hileman.

Work by Kylie Hileman.

Have you lived in PCA&D student housing or commuted to the College?

KH: I lived in Steinman my freshman year. I’m really glad I did because I’m close friends with my former roommates now. It was also nice just breaking into being an adult without needing to worry about bills or rent. I know personally I would have been overwhelmed. After that, I moved to an apartment that was a 20-minute walk away from the school. That was a nightmare. Now I’m just a 3-minute walk from the school and it’s great. I definitely recommend getting your own apartment after having one with the school for a year

How have your relationships with your professors and the College’s small class size impacted your experience?

KH: I love my professors so much. Even professors I had as a freshman I’m friendly with and can strike up a conversation with them. Right now, I have an excellent (rapport) with my one professor, Becky Blosser. She’s an absolute rockstar, and I love talking about art with her. I wouldn’t have been able to have that kind of relationship with a professor at a larger school. Because we’re small we get the perfect opportunity to engage with our professors, and they can cater to our learning style and help us out with specific aspects of our work. They’re all really great and I’m so thankful to have them.

What’s your favorite annual College event? 

KH: I love the Thanksgiving dinner!! I’m so sad it isn’t happening this year (due to Covid restrictions). But it’s so neat seeing so many students get together to sit down and eat all at the same time, in the same place. I also just love annoying my friends with my Thanksgiving dinner song while we wait in a long line that wraps around the corridors of the school. 

What’s your favorite art tool? What’s an art skill you thought you’d never master — and now you’ve surprised yourself with your improvement?

KH: The mighty pencil! Simple, effective, and gets the job done. I love so many tools, though. I love my utility knife so much, I actually just got a huge amount of replacement blades for it. As for art skill, I didn’t think I’d be any good at oil painting, all of my first pieces looked like absolute garbage. But now I love it! And depending on the idea, it’s my go-to medium of choice

Right now, who inspires you in your field?

KH: Ooo, this is a tough question. I’m just constantly consuming information, ideas, concepts, and inspiration. I just made an art Twitter and I’m thinking of making lists of my favorite artists and inspirations. Anybody I follow on my art Instagram is someone that I like looking at, in general or for inspiration. If I had to pick a specific person, I really love Kelly Reemsten, and frankly have for a while. I love the way she applies her paint and she also just seems like a lovely person just in general. But I do keep a neat little laundry list of inspirations. 

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