New mural coming to the PCA&D Art Garden

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Friday, June 30th, 2023

A temporary mural, part of a summertime, citywide mural festival, is being added to the College’s Art Garden.

Under the direction of graffiti artist TEER, a giant cube was constructed on June 29 and 30, with painting of the background and lettering on to be done on July 1-2 and the final image — a peacock to represent PCA&D — to be added on July 7 for First Friday. 

“PCA&D’s mascot and school colors inspired the design,” TEER wrote in an email before the project began. “With those in mind, I sat down to draw. Sometimes I can see the final design in my head before I start sketching and don’t have to do much revision. This was one of those projects, so putting the design on paper was a smooth process. 

“I wanted to encompass as many aspects of graffiti as I could in one design: Tags, throwies, bubble letters, wild styles, and characters.”

Draft sketch of PCA&D Art Garden mural cube. Image courtesy TEER.

It’s all part of Wall2Wall Lancaster, the city mural festival that, by its conclusion, will see 20 walls in 12 locations featuring the work of 15 artists including fellow PCA&D alumni Kevin Beatty and Justin Jones. At the PCA&D Art Garden site, TEER will be assisted in painting by Twig (@twigone), on a cube built by Donnie McFall of McFall Logistics LLC

“The project is completely driven by the artists involved, donations from friends, and the businesses participating,” TEER said. “I’m personally doing all the footwork, PR, social media, communications, artist recruitment, mural designs, location and wall prep, palette selections, supply runs, painting, and lunch detail! The other businesses involved are Let’s Roll Ebikes, Little Mutants Fermentary, The Fridge, Tint Express LLC, Crowded Kitchen, and ESOArts.”

The Art Garden site was chosen, TEER wrote, because of its location near downtown Lancaster and the city’s arts scene. “It’s a prime location for First Friday and views, and it also made it possible for PCA&D to be part of the project.” There’s a personal tie, too: TEER is a member of the Class of 2005 and has fond memories of hanging out in the mural space before it was converted to the Art Garden. 

Wall2Wall Lancaster could not happen, TEER said, without the support of local businesses, the time and work of other artists, donations of wall space and materials, and TwigOne and ESOArts providing all the paint.

“It has taken years of dedication to the culture and the craft to have the connections, team, and skill to pull it off,” TEER said. “And it’s exciting to watch it all come together.”

The finished mural in PCA&D’s Art Garden features graffiti-style lettering and a bold blue peacock. PCA&D photo.

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You can check out more of TEER’s work at @teer2thousand

Top image, courtesy TEER: Wall2Wall mural at Let’s Roll Ebikes, East Walnut Street, Lancaster.