New student mural provides a ‘Harmonious Transition’ in third-floor hallway

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Friday, April 28th, 2023

The third-floor hallway leading to the dining area has transitioned from a dim passageway to a bright, fresh space thanks to the initiative of the 2022-23 Mural Team. Harmonious Transition, inspired by the cut-out work of Henri Matisse, was dedicated in late April by President Michael Molla.

The hallway has been lifted from bare concrete block walls into “something students would enjoy moving through between classes without distracting them or requiring longer observation to understand,” according to a new plaque in the hallway recognizing its contributors: Nicole Carvajal, Ezra Davulcu, Hannah Groff, Dzifa Lassey, Beck Schilling, Jonathan Shelor, Mak Sherrid, Kelby Weaver, and River Wintermantel.

The team was advised by Salina Almanzar of the Center for Creative Exploration, Director of Physical Plant Dan Freiler, faculty member Michael Hawthorne, Assistant Dean Justin Phillips, and Director of Exhibitions Alex Schaufele