New video highlights Fine Art major

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Monday, October 30th, 2017

“In a sense, you’re almost sort of creating a visual language. And you also need to be the interpreter for the viewers as well.”

That’s a quote from the new video about the PCA&D Fine Art Major, designed to highlight the major for prospective students. Featuring the voices of PCA&D students and faculty, the video spotlights how the fine art program hones the skills of each student as an artisan,  augments students’ abilities to conceptualize as visual thinkers, and  assists in their consideration of complex contemporary issues on their way to become creative problem solvers.

Created by Blackbird Media Group, of State College, PA,  the video captures the experiences of PCA&D students and faculty in the classroom and in the community. Blackbird Media also created a new video about the College and new videos to highlight each of the other PCA&D majors.