New video highlights Photography major

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Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

“Photography for me is a form of expression, I’m really interested in composition, and working with collage and exhibition styles. I just love making art.”

That’s from the new video about the PCA&D Photography Major, designed to highlight the major for prospective students. Featuring the voices of PCA&D students and faculty, the video spotlights PCA&D’s photography program where vision – design sophistication and the ability to see photographically – is of primary importance, regardless of its application. Students discover how craft and vision are inextricably bound, and develop strong visual skills and knowledge of traditional, digital and experimental photographic processes and video.


Created by Blackbird Media Group, of State College, PA,  the video captures the experiences of PCA&D students and faculty in the classroom and in the community. Blackbird Media also created a new video about the College and new videos to highlight each of the other PCA&D majors