Part I: Insights from PCA&D students

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Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

The current exhibition in PCA&D’s Main Gallery, Selected Artworks from the BFA Program at PCA&D, features a selection of outstanding artwork created by three dozen of our rising junior and senior BFA students. A wide variety of media are represented including digital and hand-painted illustration, sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography and graphic design.

The exhibit runs through July 21. Summer Hours for PCA&D’s Main Gallery are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Open First Friday until 8 p.m. Closed Saturdays and Sundays. Opening Reception: First Friday, July 7, 5 -8 p.m.  See a preview slide show of the work in the exhibit

This is the first in a series of posts where PCA&D students talk about their art, inspirations and influences, and thoughts about their education. Today  several students talk about  what they’ve gained from their PCA&D experience,   their favorite media for making art, and who is influencing their art making.

How has your PCA&D experience impacted you?

Chris Morris, Digital Media, Junior, Bear DE

While my PCA&D experience has taught me how to communicate artistically, it has also taught me how to communicate in general.  Between engaging in my liberal arts classes, critiquing in studio classes, hanging out with my amazing and creative friends, and interacting with the tight-knit, art-based PCA&D community, I feel as though I have transformed from the most timid high school senior to ever exist to a strong communicator and individual.

Julya Nichols, Photography, Senior, Parkesburg PA

The small community of PCA&D has definitely impacted me. Having such a small community allows you as a student to get to know the faculty and professors on a more personal level and allows you to know more about their adventure of becoming an artist. You are able to take the wisdom that they share with you and treasure it forever. Not only is the community within the school great, the community in Lancaster is also a big impact on PCA&D students. Everywhere you walk in Lancaster there is art to be influenced by and artists that you can make connections with.

Devon Forst, Illustration, Senior, Dysart PA

PCA&D has offered me valuable looks into the professional world of visual art that I may not have gained otherwise. I’ve also been able to get wonderful one-on-one advice and assistance from my professors, many of them working artists themselves, and that has been a great asset to me during my time here. Their words and wisdom will stick with me long after I leave!

What is your favorite medium to work with? Have you discovered a new media during your studies that you never thought you would use? If so, describe the media and how it has changed or influenced your work.


Amanda C. Rivera Segundo, Digital Media

Amanda C. Rivera Segundo, Digital Media.

Amanda C. Rivera Segundo, Digital Media, Senior, Mount Joy PA

Digital for sure. Alternative processes was fun while I took it, but I don’t think many other non-digital mediums have made their way towards my full interest.

Devon Forst, Illustration, Senior, Dysart PA

Currently, I’m really enjoying digital art, and experimenting with different types of brushes/digital techniques in photoshop. I actually never truly digitally painted/drew until junior year. ! It’s been a really cool and challenging experience, but digital art offers so many new avenues and techniques without the worry of truly messing anything up (the delete & undo keys are a big help!)

Cathrine Spengler, Graphic Design, Junior, Lancaster PA

Acrylic is my favorite medium to use, but because graphic design has more digital work than traditional work, I experimented to mix the two distinct medium. They compliment each other, I must say.

Thomas White, Fine Art, Senior, York PA

Mixed media is probably my favorite. Ripping apart oil paintings on paper or canvas while pushing the tactility of the material being handled has been a very new and fun process for me.

Has there been any particular assignment, or certain faculty member who has strongly influenced your work?  

Antoinette Troller, Illustration, Junior, Effort PA

Alyssa Deville is one of the most amazing oil painters I have had the pleasure of meeting and I am truly lucky that I was able to be her student for a semester. She has really inspired me to be more imaginative but to really back up aspects of my work with knowledge and references. She is definitely one of the most talented teachers I have had thus far.

Work by Thomas White.

Work by Thomas White.

Thomas White, Fine Art, Senior, York PA

My final work for David Johanson’s Media, Form, and Concept course solidified the source and clarity of my what might be my strongest work so far. Johanson helped me tremendously in embracing what I was trying to express and the ways to do that.

Brigitte Errickson, Fine Art, Junior, Changewater NJ

Last semester in my drawing class I had to fill up a sketchbook within the semester, which made me get back into the habit of sketching and producing more casual art, an also made me plan my other projects more. I’m going to fill another sketchbook over the summer. Sketchbooks were more of a passive thing before, but now I’m consciously trying to just make art even if it’s nonsense. The sketchbook assignment gave me a visible goal and a timeframe, which really helped me.

Julya Nichols, Photography, Senior, Parkesburg PA

No particular assignment has influenced my work, but when it comes to faculty members I feel that the whole photography department has influenced me a little bit whether it comes to the way I look at the situation or techniques. The faculty for the photo department all make phenomenal work that I tend to look to for inspiration when working through the details of my own work. They have all become a part of the list of artist that I look up to.

This is the first of several posts about the thoughts, plans and ideas of PCA&D’s students.