PCA&D alumnus furnishes Rock Lititz

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Friday, October 9th, 2015

What can you do with an art degree?

When the stars come to Lititz, they will be immersed in one PCA&D alumni’s art, even in the restroom!

Mark Springer, BFA Fine Art 2013, Mark has recently completed a series of pieces for Rock Lititz, the new production rehearsal facility for the entertainment industry located in Lititz, PA, one of the nation’s largest and designed to assemble, program, test and rehearse large-scale live events.

Mark Springer

Mark Springer

Mark’s art practice is Untitled Mark,  where “building new forms inspired by nature, architecture, machines and the human figure all play an important part in my works.” His website states, “I want the viewer to experience visual contradictions between form, function and the material it’s crafted from.”

His furniture, wall art, and even restroom doors are found throughout the conference areas and work spaces in Rock Lititz.

Mark offers some advice for those considering studying at an art college:

The most surprising thing about going to art school was the work load. The curriculum was difficult for good reason. This will help you prepare you for your career out of school but the learning will never stop. 

The small class sizes make your experience more personal and allows you to become close with your fellow classmates and professors. This allows for a lot of exchange in ideas and promotes ways of looking at art differently. 

Work by Mark Springer

Work by Mark Springer

Art school is not the easy way out when it comes to college. Always be prepared for the unexpected to happen especially when you have a deadline to meet. Not everybody you work with will understand your vision don’t let this deter you from moving forward. The skills and knowledge that you learn in school will actually help you more than you will give credit or even notice.

Going to art school helped me narrow my focus into what kind of art I was interested in creating. 


Beyond Rock Lititz, Mark’s work also includes jewelry, sculptures, including salvaged metal sculptures and furniture. You can follow Mark at https://www.linkedin.com/pub/mark-springer/30/595/7a5