PCA&D expands its Photography Department to become the Department of Photography and Video

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Monday, November 18th, 2019

A message from Dr. Carissa Massey, Provost, PCA&D:

I am excited to announce to you a curriculum change in the Photography Department.  Following review of a proposal brought by Professor Eric Weeks, on November 6th our Department Chairs voted unanimously to support changing the title of the department to the Department of Photography and Video.

While this change may seem small, it signals faculty’s efforts to optimize student success by strategically positioning them to become nimble, multi-skilled creative professionals.  The title change is also symptomatic of the many transformations taking place at PCA&D under the leadership of President Mike Molla and through the excellent education provided by faculty.

Curriculum expanding

I am thrilled be part of this community, serve as your academic leader, and fuel our momentum in building new and exciting opportunities for PCA&D students.  Through curricular changes that expand students’ traditional media exposure like in Photography and Video, we will strengthen current and create new competitive, multi-disciplinary career paths for PCA&D students.  We are on our way to creating visionary and competitive programs that will make PCA&D a powerhouse in the world of Visual Arts.

Photo: Patricia Swanson instructs an Alternative Processes photography class at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design.