PCA&D prepares to graduate its first Digital Media class

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Monday, March 5th, 2018

Digital media and interactive entertainment are the most pervasive and popular modes of connection, influence, and communication in today’s world. PCA&D students majoring in digital media receive introductory and advanced training in this integrative and technology-driven field.

PCA&D’s Digital Media Department will graduate its first class, on May 4, with eight members of the class of 2018 expected to graduate from the inaugural Digital Media program.

The Digital Media faculty, led by department chair Jon Di Venti, instructs the digital  media students through introductory and advanced studies in this integrative and technology-driven field. Through lectures, demonstrations and studio work, students gain mastery in the principles of 3-D modeling, digital animation, digital audio production, time-based media, and production skills. Focused on career-oriented projects and developing professional skill sets, the Digital Media program prepares students to meet the demands of a diverse and expanding job market in the most pervasive and popular modes of connection, influence, and communication in today’s world.

PCA&D recognizes the unique value of “real world,” hands-on, professional interaction for students before graduation and makes it a requirement for graduation that each student participate in either an internship or mentorship. An internship gives students the opportunity to work on-site at a studio or agency, working on actual professional projects under the supervision of an assigned supervisor, immersed in the daily activity and culture of the workplace, employing the skill sets they’ve accumulated to that point in their education, while at the same time learning new skills, software, etc.

Students entering the professional world with a mentorship experience learn practical “insider” tips and techniques specific to their individual disciplines, and they will often have the unique fortune of learning from the mentor’s personal journey ̶ mistakes they’ve made, triumphs they’ve had, things they wish they knew at the outset of their careers.

This past summer, PCA&D students connected with an impressive list of professionals whose resumes feature some of the industry’s top animation, gaming, and VFX studios including DreamWorks Animation, The Third Floor, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Disney Interactive, and others. These mentors have worked on such high profile films as Big Hero 6, Avatar 2, Frozen, and Trolls, and games such as “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3”, Bioshock Infinite, and Darksiders 2.

Following the internship or mentorship, students continue during their senior year working on their thesis project, which was begun during their junior year. These projects will be showcased during the Senior Show and Celebration, May 4, 5 – 8 p.m., following commencement.

Even though the senior projects are still under wraps, here is a reel of the junior and senior level work of PCA&D’s Digital Media students: