PCA&D Student Clubs Get Underway for 2019-2020

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Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Beyond the classes and the critiques, PCA&D students get a chance to pursue other passions as well — opportunities to try out leadership roles, get involved in professional organizations, or simply relax and make new connections.

This year at PCA&D, nearly 20 clubs will meet, often weekly. Students are welcome to check them out, and encouraged to get involved:


The American Institute of Graphic Arts is a professional design group.

Meeting: Every other Thursday, 1 pm, 314

Contact: president Anthony Nardo

Anime Club

Watching, discussing and drawing anime and manga

Meeting: Tuesdays, 7 pm, 310

Contact: president William Riley

Art Market

Twice-a-year networking, vending, and portfolio opportunity

Contact: presidents Willa Hutchison and Sarah Garrett

Bible Study

Learn and relax with a faith-driven group in an open, accepting environment

Meeting: Tuesdays, 7 pm, 402

Contact: TBD

DarkCrest Studios

A deep dive into game development

Meeting: Thursdays, 7 pm, 214

Contact: presidents Jeff Maisonneuve and Daniel Cardona

Fine Arts Club

Building a network of passionate and creative professionals

Meeting: Wednesdays, 7 pm, 404

Contact: president Quinn Waltman


Laid-back space to hang out, play games, and compete

Meeting: Mondays, 7 pm, 213

Contact: president Dorinda Benner

Jam Sesh

Collaborative, refreshing modern choir

Meeting: Thursdays, 7 pm, 402

Contact: president Shazeem Sueksagan


A collaborative space for all majors to work, critique, exhibit, and have professional opportunities

Meeting: Mondays, 7 pm, 102

Contact: president Adam Leitzel


A retreat from schoolwork to reflect on the highs and lows of college

Meeting: Tuesdays, 7 pm, 213

Contact: presidents Lindsay Dawson and Nikkole Hagginbothom

PCA&D Alliance

A place to celebrate, converse, and support the LGBT+ community

Meeting: TBD

Contact: presidents Xenia Honchar and Azrayl Y. Pugh-Cook

PCA&D Esports

Meetings: TBD

Contact: president Tariq Qureshi


International organization focusing on the digital media industry

Meeting: Fridays, 5:15 pm, 213

Contact: president Jeff Yosco


Dedicated to building a network of passionate and constructive workers; open to all majors

Meeting: Thursdays, 7 pm, 314

Contact: president Cali Loftus

Spirit Wear Organization

Creating and revamping PCA&D’s spirit wear

Meeting: Wednesdays, 1 pm, 506

Contact: president Anthony Nardo

Student Council

Meetings open to every student to address ideas, concerns, and events

Meeting: Second and fourth Thursdays, 1 pm, Boardroom

Contact: Executive Board members Dyneisha Gross, Jericho Tulayan or Cali Loftus

Sunflower Salutations Yoga

A relaxing hour for refreshing bodies and minds, chill music, and sweet scents included

Meeting: Tuesdays, 7 pm, by the cintiq lab

Contact: TBD

Table-Top Gaming

Play strategy games and workshop with friends

Meeting: Wednesdays, 7 pm, 314

Contact: president Samantha Brooks or vice president Danny Rapp

“Yes &” Improv Troupe

Developing improvisation skills through acting games and performance

Meeting: Tuesdays, 7 pm, 301

Contact: presidents Jeff Yosco and Rachel D’Agnilli

Students interested in participating in any clubs or their events, or PCA&D events in general, should email any of the club presidents or the College Student Council Executive Board: Dyneisha Gross, Jericho Tulayan, and Cali Loftus.