Peek at the websites of PCA&D Illustration graduates

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Friday, May 25th, 2018

Illustrators are visual storytellers. They create symbolic images, narrative scenes, and conceptual pieces that speak every language. Collaborating with creative directors, clients, authors, customers, designers, and editors, illustrators solve problems and aesthetically create alternate worlds for the viewers to live in, even if just for a moment.

Game design by Tabitha Park

Game design by Tabitha Park.

PCA&D Illustration students are expected to participate in online community projects, engage in professional jobs with outside clients, enter illustration competitions, and exceed the required internships and mentorship program. Students enthusiastically embrace the creation of entrepreneur based projects, that are highly encouraged by the department’s faculty, all working illustrators. Our student work has been celebrated in student competitions such as the Society of Illustrators, 3×3 magazine, and Spectrum. Our alumni have gone on to be sole proprietor entrepreneurs as well as full time working for numerous gaming and animation companies such as LAIKA.

So what are illustration students capable of at the end of their four years in PCA&D’s BFA program?

Illustration courtesy Brandon Boggs

Illustration courtesy Brandon Boggs.


Take a look at the websites containing the work of the Illustration Class of 2018