Q&A with Artist Leah Limpert Walt | Summer 2019 Pre-College & Adult Instructor

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Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

Leah Limpert Walt is a painter, sculptor, and draftsman living and working in York, PA and received her BFA in Fine Art from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. She has shown in New York City, Philadelphia, Bethlehem, and throughout the lower Susquehanna Valley. Leah is an amazing artist and we’re thrilled to have her back on campus as an instructor in two of our summer courses hosted by our Continuing Education department – “Color Lab” in our pre-college program and “Sculpture: Content, Process &  Experimentation” in our adult (ages 16 and up) program. We sat down with Leah to do a small Q&A to learn more about her and her influences as well as the courses she will be teaching at PCA&D.

You’re a graduate of PCA&D, live in York, teach, produce art: What brought you back to PCA&D to teach in our Continuing Education Program? What are some of your favorite things about teaching?

LLW: As someone who had attended several schools before settling at PCA&D, I can speak to the quality education they provide – so some of it is school pride, but also it’s really a treasure to have an accredited institution close by to get involved teaching at as someone interested in pedagogy as a career. Some of my favorite things about teaching are how everyone expresses, understands and explores things a little differently. I love trying to create a solid universal approach that can be referenced and utilized by each student as they grow into their own understanding of it through their making. It becomes something unique to them and it’s humbling to help someone accomplish something so liberating.

Q: Your pre-college class Color Lab is a new offering for students this summer. What excites you most about teaching this class?

LLW: I love color and it is such a wonderful tool for any art medium, but as a painter in school it wasn’t until later in my academic BFA career that I was taught some of the foundational components for understanding color the way this class breaks it down. It restricts your color choices so you fully grasp tone and temperature and then finishes with a fun colorful exploration of a “full” palette employing the strategies learned to really push color effects. I think attendees will be really pleased with what kind of color confidence this class can provide them with.


Lock and Key, 2017

As a graduate of PCA&D, what were some of the things you wished you had known before you began college?

LLW: I would have really benefited from understanding the process of making finished work, understanding live figure drawing, and the importance of structure in your drawing or under-painting, as well as composition and of course, color. Also safe oil painting practices!

What type of work are you currently producing? What is your favorite medium to work in?

LLW: These days my painting and my sculpture work have had my focus. I’ve been hand carving wood sculptures and painting landscapes and figurative work all in an air of surrealism in preparation for an upcoming solo show at York College.

When you’re not making art, what are some of your favorite things to do?

LLW: It’s hard to say where art ends and life begins (or the other way around) but I love going on hikes with my dog Monk, biking around the city and making a good meal from scratch.

Color Lab – HS 91

This two-week class is designed to give high school artists and painters a solid foundation to approach color with confidence. Students will have fun exploring the power of color through a series of exercises using limited palettes and still life’s as well as experiment on a large scale by creating color “environments” outside the classroom!

Students will gain an understanding of color temperature, context and value while practicing discussing student work as a group. Throughout the week, students will develop a broader understanding and practical use of color as well as create a small series of paintings by the end of class. This class is great for enhancing a college portfolio and preparing for a career in art and design. Register Now!

July 22 – August 2, Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 1 PM, 1 Credit, $355


Sculpture: Content, Process &  Experimentation – CE315

Experience the exciting world of contemporary sculpture in this five-week studio course. This class is meant for artists of all levels to gain an introduction into contemporary sculpture through exploration of materials, historical context, and discussion. A variety of materials will be explored as students work to create material studies and complete a final sculpture by the end of class. Come discover the possibilities of three dimensional forms! Register Now!

July 9 – August 6, Tuesdays, 6-9PM, $195


Nikki (Nurture), 2018
40″ x 30″

The Veil, 2018
38″ x 60”