Six benefits of creativity for kids

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

“Imagination is the source of every form of human achievement.” – Sir Ken Robinson

  1. Art teaches children that there can be more than one solution to the same problem
  2. The act of making with their hands develops hand-eye coordination and higher-order thinking skills
  3. Creativity teaches children to express themselves and learn who they are as individuals
  4. Art teaches risk taking, playful exploration, discovery by accident, and learning from one’s mistakes
  5. Art promotes proper use and care of tools, and builds respect for the material world
  6. Art nurtures teamwork, promotes collaboration, and deepens empathy through shared experience

Creativity empowers kids

“We are always so impressed with projects and techniques that are worked on in class. Both girls not only always have fun, they learn a lot. They point out paintings and artists they see in everyday life that they learned about at PCA&D. I love that they get a little insight with each artists and some history behind each project. The instructors are all very talented and knowledgeable, and have wonderful rapport with the kids!”  – Melissa Reynolds, mother of Callie (age 9) and Samantha (age 12)

Connect with the region’s premier art classes

What sets PCA&D’s art program for youth apart is our classes teach art techniques, skills and processes steeped in art history for a full, lasting experience. We don’t just teach kids to make things, we teach them how to think like artists because learning (curiosity) shouldn’t end in the classroom.

No matter what your age or educational background, put your inspiration to work with the region’s leader in art and design education.