Student Council leadership chosen for 2021-2022

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Monday, November 15th, 2021

Clockwise from top left, Dzifa Charity Lassey, Bianca Garcia, Mak Sherrid, Jacob Kinney, and Annaca Stieber.


The PCA&D student body has chosen its Student Council leadership for this academic year, turning to several new faces to act as liaisons with college administration and to serve as a sounding board and organization body for student initiatives.

Congratulations to:

President Dzifa Charity Lassey ’24, Graphic Design

Vice President Mak Sherrid ’24, Illustration

Secretary Annaca Stieber ’25, Illustration

Chair of Events and Activities Bianca Garcia ’24, Illustration

Chair of Marketing and Promotions Jacob Kinney ’25, Undecided

The pandemic and a lengthy period of online classes “brought about a disconnect,” says President Lassey. Now that the College is back to being in person, Lassey says, “The main goal of the Student Council is to bring about engaging programs, sessions, and activities that will reconnect students with one another.”

To accomplish that, Student Council has several aims:

  • To create assistance programs for transfer students and underclass students.
  • To create a mentorship system in which upperclass students hold informational sessions or study groups to assist in the academic journey at PCA&D. This, Lassey says, would give underclass students “a sense of their future at PCA&D, a group to connect with … and academic and emotional support.”
  • To create fun events, hosted by the Learning Commons, that provide an opportunity to unwind and cover topics such as mindfulness, stress management, and mental health.

Open student council forums, which any student can attend, are a place where feedback is welcome, Lassey says — including input on changes students would like to see.

These, Lassey says, “are some of the many ideas that the council … has thought about so far. There are greater things to come!”