Two PCA&D students featured in Lancaster City Black History Month exhibition

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Friday, February 8th, 2019

Two PCA&D Students, Justin Carney and Larissa Ramey, are included in the Lancaster City Hall  exhibition about community and the love of black art by black artists.

Larissa Ramey at the exhibition opening.

Larissa Ramey at the exhibition opening.

The opening reception of For The Culture: A Celebration of Black History Month & Presence in Work of Black Women was held at Lancaster City Hall on Friday, Feb.1, 2019, from 5-8pm. Hosted by the African American Society and Lancaster Public Art in celebration of Black History Month in Lancaster, the program was emceed by Savannah Thorpe, who read the annual City Council resolution that passed in honor of Black History Month. There were also performances by Grace Berry and Evita Colon. For The Culture will be displayed at City Hall until the end of February.

Justin Carney is a junior photography major from Baltimore, Maryland.

Larissa Ramey is a senior photography major from Leesburg, Virginia.

Works by Justin Carney.

Works by Justin Carney.

The exhibition displayed ten local artists. The Featured Artists are:

  • Grace Berry
  • Justin Carney
  • Keisha Finnie
  • Nia Hammond
  • Myles Harris
  • Kaya Hobbs
  • Kearasten Jordan
  • Dreya Moore
  • Larissa Ramey
  • Kaela Stankiewicz

Images courtesy Larissa Ramey. Works featured all artists are credited for their works shown: Justin Carney, Grace Berry, Dreya Moore, Larissa Ramey, Nia Hammond, Kaya Hobbs, Myles Harris and Saint Alia Oracius-Mckmnay.