What’s ‘concept artistry’ — and how you can take yours to the next level

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Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Concept Artistry Sound Complicated? Let’s Take a Look!

Concept artistry, often referred to as concept design or illustration, conveys a visual representation of a design or idea before it’s put into the final product, or rather, before it exists. In other words, the goal is to convey overall design vision rather than define everything in exact terms. So, why is concept artistry necessary?

We live in a world where there are infinite possibilities and infinite possibilities can also bring infinite opportunities for errors. Concept art is key to focusing that one artistic vision and making sure all kinks are ironed out before they can become problems down the line. It is a concept artist’s duty to quickly explore ideas, communicate those ideas effectively as possible, and tell a store that brings characters to life. Sound like something you may want to pursue? Read on to find out if there’s a career in concept art or illustration in your future.

The first step towards having a career in concept art or illustration is to recognize your talents.

Do you enjoy drawing, painting or sculpting images and using your imagination? Are your friends constantly commenting on how good your character designs and stories are? Well, you’re already heading down the right path.

Concept artistry and illustration can be a very rewarding career. You need confidence, focus and, perhaps most importantly the right education and training. In an illustration degree program, you will build the skills and develop the conceptual abilities needed in a variety of different career paths.

A Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) in Illustration typically includes coursework in communication, interactive design, history of illustration, materials and techniques, studio classes and visual development. This degree also often features marketing courses that emphasize the importance of promoting your work. These studies will challenge you, build your confidence and take your abilities to the next level: a professional illustrator/concept artist.

What you learn in your degree program will set you up for success, and will open the doors to many rewarding opportunities throughout your career.

Whether creating visuals for animation studios, film & video production companies, designing for gaming companies, advertising agencies, or web design firms, you’ll find that your degree program has enabled you to:

  • Gain confidence by studying and working with professional designers and illustrators.
  • Develop a strong personal style and build your own identity.
  • Gain knowledge of industry standards.
  • Build a solid foundation of appropriate drawing and design skills.
  • Have real-life professional experiences with clients through internship programs.
  • Acquire high-level communication skills so you can share your ideas and collaborate with colleagues and clients effectively.

With so many career options in illustration and concept art, attending the right art school is where the process begins. An art college can play a vital role in your success and is the stepping stone to reaching your dream career. Turn your passion into your career and learn just how much pursuing an illustration degree can prepare you to enter a competitive job market and create a life in art.