Work by Kaitlyn McCulley ’21, Illustration, appears in new Magic: The Gathering set

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Thursday, October 19th, 2023

Players of Magic: The Gathering, take note.

Work by Kaitlyn McCulley ’21, Illustration, is featured in the newly released Alchemy: Eldrane set. It’s “a digital offshoot of the main, physical set Magic: The Gathering: Wilds of Eldrarne,” McCulley says, and “there were only 30 cards for Alchemy” by different contributing artists. 

McCulley, who also has designed New Year’s greetings for the College and who designed branding for the 2021 Senior Show & Celebration, admits that most of her knowledge of the gameplay mechanics comes from following many artists who create work for Wizards of the Coast, a family of studios that specializes in designing roleplaying, trading card, and digital games. Her creation for Alchemy: Eldrane: Hex, Kellan’s Companion, a joyfully leaping white and gray dog wearing a green collar and set against a hazy, bucolic background. 

The assignment for Hex, McCulley says, came about because she reached out to Wizards of the Coast herself. 

“I was in the process of cold e-mailing some contacts to start getting my portfolio seen, and Wizards of the Coast was at the top of my list,” she wrote in an email. “I was nervous but decided to go ahead and send it to a few of their art directors. Dawn Murin responded and brought me on board; I was so ecstatic to even get a response, let alone be given an assignment!”

The artist was given about a month to complete the assignment, which she created in Photoshop on her Wacom Intuos tablet.

You can see the full image of Hex, Kellan’s Companion below, and go here to see the full Alchemy: Eldrane set. 

Image courtesy Wizards of the Coast