Young Artist classes a la carte is back for 2022: Build your own art camp at the Center For Creative Exploration 

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Friday, April 22nd, 2022

This Summer the Center for Creative Exploration (CCE) is offering a buffet of diverse opportunities for weeklong and multi-day, youth art classes on the PCA&D campus and beyond. Students in grades 1-9 have the opportunity to piece together morning and afternoon classes along with a selection of intergenerational classes for the whole family. A mixture of classes and subject matter is offered in each timeslot, allowing students to curate an experience unique to their interests. The daily schedule allows time for supervised lunches and snack breaks on campus between classes. 

“I love that we offer families the opportunity to build a camp that works for the kids in their lives and their interests!” says Salina Almanzar-Oree, Program Coordinator for CCE. “I’m particularly excited about the opportunities we have for Grades 7-9 in Photo, Video, and Adobe programs.

A selection of partnered youth camps also offers families an opportunity to experience more of what Lancaster City arts has to offer. From Making to Museum for Grades 2-6 kicks off in Week 1 in partnership with the Lancaster Museum of Art. This new camp where students will mine the permanent collection of Lancaster Museum of Art for inspiration and to learn a bit about museum studies. Ultimate Art Camp with Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen for Week 2 and Week 4 returns with a crafting lineup of fine art exploration, glassblowing, needle felting and more. 

Almanzar-Oree says she’s also especially excited for partnerships such as the Making to Museum Camp, noting that it gives instructors a chance to catch “youth early and show them the magic of museum work and cultural preservation while also asking them to think like artists and create work inspired by others.”

Apart from foundational classes in painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking, this summer features diverse and bite-sized offerings such as:

Altogether, says CCE Director Natalie Lascek, “we wanted to maintain a (schedule) ‘stacking’ option for parents that needed something close to an all-day experience on top of weaving in partnerships that also build a full-day option.”

Note: You can see a week-by-week schedule to enable “stacking” summer class options here for students in Grades 1-9 and here for high school-age students.

“For Weeks 1 and 3, we see a lot of our traditional Young Artist Academy offerings which are fantastic surveys of materials and art history. New in Week 1 is our partnered camp with the Lancaster Museum of Art, and a goal was to make space for Ultimate Art Camp with the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen to run twice. 
“For the younger artist in grades 1-3, we tried to build in some short-session experiences which are new to our summer programming. We tried these types of classes out in February and had great success. Many parents knew that their child was interested in art, but not obsessed like others. Short-session classes allow them to try it out and see if they still really like it to sign up for more or longer classes in the future. 
“For our oldest students in grades 7-9, we wanted to focus on more advanced skill-building and material usage. Where last year you would have only seen figure drawing and Adobe Photoshop, this year we continue offering these experiences but add classes like Adobe Illustrator, Screen Printing, Digital Photography, and Beginner/Intermediate Painting. For students in these grades, we are also welcoming back our Urban and Public Art mural class with Adam Serrano and our Peacocks Esports Camp with coach Benjamin Farley,” Lascek says.
mural in Art Garden created by Urban and Public Art CCE students under direction of Adam Serrano, summer 2021.

Students in Adam Serrano’s Urban & Public Art class, in Summer 2021, created this mural which then stood in PCA&D’s Art Garden.

In addition to grade-specific classes, the Center for Creative Exploration also is offering a large selection of intergenerational studio classes that welcome students of almost any age. These classes meet once a week in the early evenings and offer a unique opportunity for siblings, grandparents, neighbors, parents, and friends that cross generations to create together. Options include:

Registration is open now at www.pcad.edu/cce and a complete week-by-week schedule can be found here: https://pcad.edu/creative-exploration/young-artist-schedule/. Scholarships are available. For more information, contact ce@pcad.edu