Alexander Serna

Graphic Design, BFA

Art History and Visual Culture
Our Footprints. Our Legacy.
Inspired by pop culture and minimalism, Alexander Serna explores his serious nature with comedic undertones. Alexander was a founding member of PCA&D Esports which started off as a small club with less than 20 people. He was the president for 3 years, and in that time the club has been funded by the college, teams competed on a collegiate level, and Esports provided events for the wider College Community.

His thesis revolves around rebranding a Christian breakdance outreach group. His thesis introduces the positive outlet of breakdance to the lives of the observers, participants, and practitioners. Alexander’s graphic design focuses on engaging the viewer by defying expectations. Alexander completed his internship at Alfa Art Gallery in New Brunswick, NJ. Alexander wishes to pursue his master’s degree in the future.