Cassie Carver-Peters

Fine Art, BFA

Our Footprints. Our Legacy.
Cassie Carver-Peters has embarked on her “Quest For Whimsy” creating work that transverses the environments built as response to traumas, PTSD, and mental health diagnosis. Through her time at PCA&D, Peters uses her work as means of coping from the traumas of sexual assault and abuse. Peters explores portraiture through a limited palette to capture significant female relations in her life that have similar stories of resilience. Along with a limited palette, Peters incorporates symbolism through embedded materials and aquatic symbolism, significant and sacred to each portrait.

Peters has exhibited work in “Sugar and Spice” and “Do You See Me” at PCA&D’s CORE Gallery, Reflections at the Hayden Gallery at PCA&D, “[In]Consideration” at the Demuth Museum in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and “SURVIVORS, A Conversation About Consent” at Marketview Arts gallery in York, Pennsylvania. Peters has also been published in Penn State College of Medicine’s literary magazine: “Wild Onions.”