Emily Moyer

Fine Art, BFA

Our Footprints. Our Legacy.
Emily Moyer grew up in a small town, where the hills rolled on and the corn stalks grew high. Oley Valley, Pennsylvania, a small little dot on the map, in a large farmhouse filled with an even larger family, created Moyer’s first experience of home. Over time and through life changes, she’s learned to expand her concept of home and comfort to include places, moments, people, nature, or even food. These experiences serve as a source of inspiration for her work in oil paint.

As part of the PCA&D Class of 2023, Moyer will receive her Bachelor’s in Fine Art and four minors in Art History, Business, Humanities, and Literature. With internships from the Philips Museum and Kevin Lehman Pottery, as well as robust exhibition experience, she plans to pursue a master’s degree along with continuing her artistic practice, and dreams to become a business owner and a freelance painter.