Frankie Reed

Graphic Design, BFA

Our Footprints. Our Legacy.
Using bright and bubbly colors, fonts, and illustrations, Frankie Reed’s thesis collection focuses on the creation of a company that aims to provide people with a creative outlet for dealing with trauma and mental health. Using his own experiences of dealing with mental health concerns, he created frankly to give others the opportunity to learn different coping mechanisms. His goal as a graphic designer is to advocate for queer and disabled lives through raising awareness in his art.

During his time at PCA&D, Frankie was a part of the creation of PCA&D’s in-house Agency. He worked his way up in The Agency throughout the two semesters and ended his time there with the title of Task Manager. The summer following this internship, Frankie worked with the Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition as their graphic design intern. Following graduation, Frankie would love to explore job opportunities in branding, publication design, and/or social media graphic creation.